Automated processing of order confirmations with AI

Processing order confirmations manually eats up valuable time in purchasing? Not with Workist. We help you significantly reduce the workload through automation - with 100% reliable data extraction and validation against your master data.

Precision and efficiency that set standards




Faster order processing


Reduction of errors for smooth processes

Automated processing of order confirmations for more efficient purchasing

Our artificial intelligence Worki processes your order confirmations in record time. This allows you to concentrate fully on strategic tasks - such as supplier selection and negotiations.

Time savings through automation

Reliable processing

Matching with order data (add-on)

The future of procurement

With Worki, you will always be on top of things in procurement. You save costs, ensure quality and your company grows sustainably.

Fewer returns and complaints

Excellent quality

Scale sustainably

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Process order confirmations with lightning speed and precision

Type less, automate easily. That's how it works with Workist.
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Harness the power of automation when checking order confirmations! Get started now with Workist and redefine the way your business grows.

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