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Automated document processing gets manufacturers ready for the future. Say goodbye to manually processing documents such as orders or order confirmations. With the Workist AI, you'll achieve significant time savings from day one - and get back to focusing on the essentials.

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Your production is already automated, why can't your document processing be too?




faster document processing


lower error rate

Back to the core business

As a manufacturer, you are faced with a daily flood of documents whose capture in the ERP system does not add any real value. Today, customers in particular expect first-class service and fast delivery times. Workist takes up to 95% of the document processing off your hands, so you can focus on what really matters: Your products, your customers and your service.

Different document types coming from companies being processed time and cost efficient into the erp system via one port

Scalable growth, not skill shortage

Shortage of skilled workers? We've got something for you! With our solution, employees can focus on what really matters - whether it's sales calls, procurement or service & consulting. Workist enables you to efficiently allocate resources and pursue growth initiatives without administrative workload skyrocketing.

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Redefining the manufacturing business

Efficiency pressure, intense competition, rising customer expectations and skilled labor shortages - the demands on the manufacturing industry are high. It's time to reinvent yourself. With automated document processing, you can revolutionize both your procurement and sales, laying the foundation for a successful future.

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Holistically automated

This is manufacturing 2024

Process orders 12x faster

Say goodbye to inefficient and error-prone order processing. Get started with Workist now and make better use of your time.

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