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Order processing is a time-consuming job, as well as very inefficient, error-prone, and often frustrating. We are here to solve that. Workist translates B2B transactions, enabling seamless integration and automated information exchange, between business customers, distributors, and suppliers.


purchase order volume per month


processing accuracy


faster order processing


saved hours of work in 2021

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  • contorion-case

    Order confirmation

    Contorion’s bold movement towards process automation

    Find out how Contorion saved 40h per week for their Customer service department, saving 3 hours per week for each team member

  • alternative

    Order entry

    Automated Order Entry at APD

    Read how APD Schlauchtechnik was able to meet its strong growth with the help of Workist

What our clients say
  • Stefan Underwood
    Stefan Underwood

    40h saved weekly

    “Workist not only saves us a lot of resources, but also helps us to further scale our business. We are very satisfied with Workist's excellent support and flexibility.”

    Stefan Underwood

    Head of Logistics

  • Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke
    Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke
    “We don't want to spend our time transferring data from A to B. Workist now takes this step off of our hands, freeing up more of our time to spend on genuine quality work”

    Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke

    Head of Tax Department

  • Sebastian Anders
    Sebastian Anders
    "The high degree of automation speed up the order entry process, but it also allowed the input entry quality to be improved significantly. The result was that capacities could be freed up and redirected towards addressing sustained growth and expanding our consulting service."

    Sebastian Anders

    Chief of Staff

Workist automates the processing of incoming purchase orders so that nobody ever has to type in documents manually again.

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4h/order saved


95% accuracy

Stop typing, start automating.

Four steps of automation
  • forward to worki
    Forward to Workist

    Simply forward incoming order documents to Workist. Workist can process a variety of formats (PDFs, excel files, and plain-text emails)

  • workist extract data
    Extract the data

    Workist extracts all relevant data from the document through recognition of patterns and layouts

  • workist validate data
    Validate the data

    Workist validates the information from the document with your master data to guarantee accurate extraction

  • workist transfer
    Transfer to ERP system

    Workist’s data output is easily transferred to any ERP or CRM system through standard connections like EDI or API


Order entry - can't a robot do it for me?

Save yourself the tedious typing of incoming orders. Our artificial intelligence WorKI will gladly take care of this for you - fully automatic, highly efficient and completely reliable. Get to know your new colleague WorKI now.

Meet Worki, our artificial intelligence agent

300K saved budget per year

97% higher customer service levels

Save 4 hours per week

Error rates reduced by 80%

90+% recognition rate

Over 80% of automatic documents processing

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More than just a tech company

Workist is a Berlin based tech startup enabling businesses to gain more time and resources, channelling those to creative and purposeful work. Our diverse and experienced team is eager to solve challenging problems and build long term relationships with people and businesses of all kinds.

  • workist order entry mockup

    Solution Use Case

    Order entry

    Explore the features and benefits of our automated order entry solution. Easy implementation, fast impact and error free processing.

  • workist order confirmation checks mockup

    Solution Use Case

    Order confirmation

    With 100% correct data extraction and validation with your master data, you can reduce your manual labour dramatically.

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