Effortless order entry thanks to automation with AI

Our cutting-edge AI software makes your order entry and order processing a breeze. Score with short response times and best-in-class service for every order!

Have you ever asked yourself

Can't a robot do this for me?




faster order processing


lower error rate

Does this sound familiar?

Your sales department receives unstructured orders via PDF, Excel, email or fax? The team types up the orders manually to transfer them to your ERP system? You are losing valuable time while your customers expect the shortest response times and top service?

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What if ...

you could process orders quickly and easily? your sales team would hardly have to spend any time on manual processing? there would be more time again for talking to customers and for value-adding sales tasks?

no stress at work

Accurate order entry in record time

We've trained our AI to understand your individual processes and capture orders faster: While it speeds up order entry and optimizes order processing, you can fully focus on your customers.

Automated order entry

Faster order processing

More time for customer service

The revolution in sales

With our solution, your sales team no longer needs to process orders manually. This leaves more time for customer interactions. You can offer more service and consulting again. This strengthens customer loyalty and ensures more satisfied customers.

Shaping the future

Completely error-free orders

Excellence with ease

Scaling without additional effort

More orders shouldn't mean more hassle. With our technology, you scale your business effortlessly. You grow without having to worry about resource bottlenecks. "Growth without the need for additional staff" - that's our promise to you. With automated order entry, you have more time for proactive new customer acquisition and strategic growth initiatives. In this way, you secure your company's growth in the long term and sustainably.

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