Automated order entry

Nobody likes typing up incoming orders. It's inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming. Workist takes care of this. Our artificial intelligence agent Worki automatically captures orders, freeing up your time to do what really matters.

100% correct data extraction

We ensure accurate data extraction via validation with your master data (customers, articles, etc). When our AI agent Worki is uncertain with extraction, clerks provide feedback for correction. Worki then learns how to correct similar errors in the future.


Easy implementation, fast impact

With our solution you can be live in days instead of weeks. We use your existing EDI infrastructure, resulting in fast automation ramp-up due to domain specific AI.

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All-in-one solution

We gather knowledge from over 100,000 documents, implementing intelligent machine learning to extract data without the use of predefined templates.

Bottle factory

we work to make your work


What our clients say
  • Stefan Underwood
    Stefan Underwood

    40h saved weekly

    “Workist not only saves us a lot of resources, but also helps us to further scale our business. We are very satisfied with Workist's excellent support and flexibility.”

    Stefan Underwood

    Head of Logistics

  • Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke
    Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke
    “We don't want to spend our time transferring data from A to B. Workist now takes this step off of our hands, freeing up more of our time to spend on genuine quality work”

    Dr. Hella Schmidt-Naschke

    Head of Tax Department

  • Sebastian Anders
    Sebastian Anders
    "The high degree of automation speed up the order entry process, but it also allowed the input entry quality to be improved significantly. The result was that capacities could be freed up and redirected towards addressing sustained growth and expanding our consulting service."

    Sebastian Anders

    Chief of Staff

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