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Workist is redefining the future of document processing - with AI-based software that processes documents such as orders, order confirmations or invoices at lightning speed. Simple, fully automated and 100% reliable.


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faster order processing


lower error rate

End-to-end automation

Workist independently extracts, validates and transfers all relevant data from your documents. This gives you a head start in digitization and saves valuable time. Your customers won't notice the changeover - the process remains unchanged for them.


Data validation

Worki, our artificial intelligence, recognizes discrepancies when validating your document data and learns from every manual correction. Within a few weeks, you can even capture special cases completely automatically.

A software mock-up showing the master data validation feature of Workist, as extracted data is being scanned and looked up in the companies master data

Maximum compatibility

Thanks to state-of-the-art EDI technology, Workist can be connected to all common ERP systems. What's more, layouts, file formats and language of the documents are irrelevant - our software works and can be seamlessly integrated into any system landscape.

A graphic symbolising the maximum compatibility of the Workist software through showing the flags of different countries, different document file type icons and different logos of ERP systems.
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Workist makes all the difference

Type less, simply automate.

Become a digital pioneer

Workist makes SMEs fit for the future. We help you to transform your document processing and make your processes - and therefore your company - digital and fit for the future. This allows you to focus on your core business again and leaves your teams more time for success-relevant tasks, growth initiatives and innovation.

A graphic showing a rocket taking off, symbolising a departure into a successful future.

Customer Success Stories

This is how our clients profit from utilizing Workist to automatically process their documents

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    Contorion’s bold movement towards process automation

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    Automated Order Entry at APD

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