Process documents seamlessly with AI: End-to-end & fully automated

Workist solves your document processing holistically: from receipt in the inbox to transfer to the ERP system. Our AI software can be easily integrated into any IT landscape and automatically captures, validates and transfers all relevant data from incoming documents. With Workist, you can start experiencing tomorrow's document processing today - and focus on the essentials again.


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Workist has unparalleled document understanding and builds on the learning experience of over 2 million successfully processed documents. This enables us to provide previously unattainable automation rates and thereby massively reduce the cost and time required to enter jobs.

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Can't a robot do this for me?

6 hrs

Implementation Time


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> 2 Mio

Successfully Processed Documents


Order entry

Discover the features and benefits of our automated order entry solution. With Workist, your sales team no longer has to process orders manually. This speeds up your processes, enables top service and ensures a better overall customer experience.

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Order confirmations

Processing order confirmations manually eats up valuable time in procurement? Not with Workist. Read more about the automated processing of order confirmations.

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Invoice processing

With Workist, you can process invoices reliably and in record time. This frees your procurement team from administrative tasks and ensures maximum efficiency.

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Customer Success Stories

Here is how our customers benefit from utilizing Workist to automatically process their documents

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    Success Story RUKO

    RUKO: 87% time savings thanks to innovative order entry

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    trixie logo white

    Success Story TRIXIE

    Mastering order entry for over 8,500 specialty stores

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    Success Story Zentis

    Why Zentis relies on Workist to master order processing

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    brennenstuhl logo white

    Success Story Brennenstuhl

    Brennenstuhl: Why the Brand of the Century relies on Workist

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    contorion logo white

    Success Story Contorion

    Contorion’s bold movement towards process automation

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    Success Story APD

    Automated Order Entry at APD

What our clients say

Become a digital pioneer

Workist makes SMEs fit for the future. We help you to transform your document processing and make your processes - and therefore your company - digital and fit for the future. This allows you to focus on your core business again and leaves your teams more time for success-relevant tasks, growth initiatives and innovation.

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