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Order processing is a time-consuming job, as well as very inefficient, error-prone, and often frustrating. We are here to solve that. Workist translates B2B transactions, enabling seamless integration and automated information exchange, between business customers, distributors, and suppliers.

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Workist has unparalleled document understanding and builds on the learning experience of over 1 million successfully processed documents. This enables us to provide previously unattainable automation rates and thereby massively reduce the cost and time required to enter jobs.


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Workist automates the processing of incoming purchase orders so that nobody ever has to type in documents manually again.

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Stop typing, start automating.

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Order entry - can't a robot do it for me?

Save yourself the tedious typing of incoming orders. Our artificial intelligence WorKI will gladly take care of this for you - fully automatic, highly efficient and completely reliable. Get to know your new colleague WorKI now.

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More than just a tech company

Workist is a Berlin based tech startup enabling businesses to gain more time and resources, channelling those to creative and purposeful work. Our diverse and experienced team is eager to solve challenging problems and build long term relationships with people and businesses of all kinds.

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