We'll free millions of people from repetitive work

Enabling them to have a greater impact and unleashing their full potential

Trade communication around the world is ready for disruption

While almost all aspects of B2B trade have been completely revolutionized, the communication between businesses has not improved since the 20th century.

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We'll reshape the way companies across all industries communicate.

Using automation to free up manual labour, we'll reduce friction and improve efficiency in B2B transactions.

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We're wasting 800 Mio. Euro every day on manual document processing. Our mission is to use AI-based automation to change that.

12x faster order processing


100% processing accuracy

Workist eliminates the need for manual document processing, enabling efficient and frictionless B2B transactions.

It is our vision to interface all companies through a Global AI Business Connectivity Layer

Enabling companies to do business with anyone, anywhere in the world instantly.


Across all industries

From mid-sized businesses to large corporations, we connect the world of B2B. Start using our best-in-class document understanding AI to improve efficiency today.


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Building a global B2B Transaction Network.

We're looking to enable highly efficient B2B transactions around the world, facilitating trade across borders, languages and continents.


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