Freeing millions from repetitive work

Empowering individuals to make a greater impact and unleash their full potential, we transform the way work is done.

Trade communication around the world is ready for disruption

Despite the revolutionary changes in almost all aspects of B2B trade, communication between businesses remains largely unchanged since the 20th century. It's time to evolve.

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We'll reshape the way companies across all industries communicate.

By harnessing automation, we'll liberate human talent from manual labour, reducing friction and significantly boosting efficiency in B2B transactions. This is more than just improvement; it's a revolution in business communication.

A graphic representing the Workist B2B Transaction Network. An icon representing a company and a document can be seen on the left and right of the graphic. In the centre, these two are connected by a cycle represented by two clockwise arrows. In the centre of the cycle, the Workist logo can be seen as the centrepiece and the terms "procure-to-pay" and "order-to-cash" next to the arrows indicate the exchange of information between the two companies.

We're wasting 800 Mio. Euro every day on manual document processing. Our mission is to use AI-based automation to change that.

Workist eliminates the need for manual document processing, enabling efficient and frictionless B2B transactions.

It is our vision to build a global B2B Transaction Network.

We're looking to enable companies to do business with anyone, anywhere in the world instantly - facilitating trade across borders, languages and continents.

Empowering businesses across all industries

Catering to everyone from mid-sized businesses to large corporations, we're bridging the B2B world. Embrace our best-in-class document understanding AI and elevate your efficiency starting today.

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