More orders, less entry: intelligent document processing with AI

Discover the full functionality of our automated solutions for manual document processing. Our solutions extract and validate relevant data from PDFs, structured emails or Excel files.

Stop typing. Start automating.

Thanks to Workist, you can focus on proactive and value-adding tasks again, while incoming documents are processed automatically. Gain back valuable time while Worki is busy - 24/7 & fully automated.

Different document types coming from companies being processed time and cost efficient into the erp system via one port

End-to-end automation

We don't just want to be part of the solution. Worki independently extracts, validates and transfers all relevant data from your documents. This covers the entire document processing process efficiently and precisely - from receipt in the e-mail inbox to the order created in the ERP system.


Seamless integration

Automation starts with integration! With Workist, you don't have to worry about compatibility - our solution can be seamlessly integrated into any system landscape. Regardless of the ERP system used or the file formats of the documents.

A graphic symbolising the maximum compatibility of the Workist software through showing the flags of different countries, different document file type icons and different logos of ERP systems.


We understand that the reality of business communication can be quite complicated - that's why we've trained Worki to understand your individual needs. It's called an intelligence for a reason.

Intuitive document understanding

Precise capture through validation

Human in the Loop

...yet so simple

Worki is designed to simplify your life, therefore it should be simple in itself. It just works - whenever you need it to. Automation can be this easy.

Continuous learning

Variant configuration

Matching with order data (add-on)

man working on desk

So you can


on the important things


Order entry

Discover the features and benefits of our automated order entry solution. Workist speeds up your processes and enables you to always provide first-class customer service.

graphic showing data extraction


Order confirmations

Processing order confirmations manually eats up valuable time in procurement? Not with Workist. Read more about the automated processing of order confirmations.

workist order confirmation checks mockup
What our clients say

Who is the robot here?

Save yourself the hassle of typing up incoming documents. Worki will gladly take over this task for you - fully automatically, efficiently and reliably. Get to know your new team member now.

An old man rests his head on chest-high stacks of paper in annoyance