More orders, less entry

Discover our automated solutions for manual order entry and confirmation. Our solutions extract and validate relevant data from PDFs, structured emails or Excel files.

Stop typing. Start automating.

With Workist you can focus on proactive and value-adding tasks again as incoming documents are being processed automatically. Our artificial intelligence Worki extracts and validates all relevant data and transfers it directly into your ERP system. Worki works to free up your time - 24/7 & fully automatic.

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Industry leaders trust Workist


We know that in reality the dynamics of business communication can be rather complicated - so we trained Worki to understand your individual needs. It's called an intelligence for a reason.

Limitless functionality

Don't worry about compatibility - No matter the file type, ERP system or output format.

Document variety

Incoming documents tend to vary a lot in language and layout. That's why we created Worki to be multilingual, understanding more than 60 languages and infinite layouts.

Individual validation

We understand that no business is the same. To meet the requirements of your business reality Worki validates everything using your master data.

...yet so simple

Worki is designed to simplify your life, therefore it should be simple in itself. It just works - whenever you need it to. Automation can be this easy.

Seamless connectivity

Automation starts with integration. Achieve your goals lightning fast thanks to the newest technology EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection.

Holistical design

We don't just want to be a part of the solution. Workist functions as an end-to-end solution, no need for extra steps.

Intuitive interface

Using Workist you can always trust your intuition. Say goodbye to SAP in Windows 95 style & hello contemporary design!

A best-in-class solution

A high quality business deserves a high quality solution. Worki values your time & money and always keeps improving - a true perfectionist!

Data precision

Theres no such thing as fatigue when you're artificial. Stop worrying about transmission errors. Prepare for 100% accuracy of read out document data.

Error recognition

Data error? Validating the document data, Worki recognizes inconsistencies and asks a team-member for assistance.

Continuous improvement

Your profit doesn't end here as Worki gets used to your individual data. Watch your automation rate rise in just a few weeks. No prior training needed - even in special cases.

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So you can
on the important things

Solution Use Case

Order entry

Explore the features and benefits of our automated order entry solution. Easy implementation, fast impact and error free processing.

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Solution Use Case

Order confirmation

With 100% correct data extraction and validation with your master data, you can reduce your manual labour dramatically.

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What our clients say

Today, office workers spend hours sorting & processing 1,000+ documents each day. Take a look into our product to see how we solve that:

The Product

Who is the robot here?

Our artificial intelligence agent Worki extracts, validates and processes all incoming orders with limited support from your sales team. You and your team get access to the Workbench Dashboard to support Worki whenever it's uncertain of data points.

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