Workist – the best AI-based OCR alternative

Stop with simple text recognition. We'll show you why AI is the better OCR alternative and how Workist helps you enter orders quickly and accurately. Significantly higher automation rates and time savings, with intuitive document understanding and time-to-value from day 1.

OCR is pure digitization ...

OCR solutions such as Abbyy Fine Reader, Google OCR or Readiris can help digitize jobs. However, when it comes to automating the entire order entry process, they quickly reach their limits.

Lack of flexibility

Lack of context recognition

OCR has error issues

... without automation

OCR technology converts text in images or documents into a machine-readable format. However, pure OCR solutions are not enough for true process automation.

Limited automation

Little time saving

High training effort

Why Workist is the better alternative to OCR software

Intuitive document understanding

Master data adjustment

High time and cost savings

Continuous learning

Workist works holistically

fast integration

Service and support

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This is how simple Workist works

Type less, automate easily.
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Becoming the fastest cable assembler with Workist

Now enter orders 12x faster

Say goodbye to inefficient and error-prone order processing. Get started now with Workist and make better use of your time.

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