Automated invoice processing with AI

Incorrectly typed invoices, missed payment deadlines and wasted discounts are a thing of the past with Workist. Our pioneering AI software enables automated invoice processing. Simple, lightning-fast and with 100% reliable data extraction.




faster order processing


lower error rate

Automated invoice processing simplifies procurement

Our artificial intelligence Worki processes invoices reliably and in record time. This makes your processes and workflows more efficient and allows your team to focus more on strategic tasks.

Faster processing

Error-free data transmission

Matching with order data (add-on)

Process invoices effortlessly

Free your team from administrative tasks and ensure that your invoice processes become more efficient with Workist. This saves you costs and ensures quality.

Time savings through automation

Simpler booking

Simple and secure integration

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Process invoices with lightning speed and precision

Type less, automate easily. That's how it works with Workist.
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